Wednesday, May 29, 2013


"Looking for cool T shirts? Wanna have unique T shirts?” 
”This is the place to go♪♪♪"

Resobox Gallery is pleased to present a unique exhibition featuring The Members.

TEE is a pseudo t-shirt store run by the artist group The Members. They chose T-shirts as the central media to relate their artwork with casualness. The price shows various levels of producer motivation; some are mass-produced in order to sell them at a cheap price for business profit; some are sold for more than 100 dollars on account of the power of a specific brand. The goal of this project is to embody the substantial value system hidden in society and culture by using the surface of each T-shirt as a mirror. In addition, the idea of a store helps the artists establish a space where people from any background, including those who are not familiar with the art world, can experience exhibited works as though they're looking for clothes in any outfit store. The openness of "T-shirt store" cuts off the lordliness of high art and creates interactivity between art, people, and everyday life.

Welcome to our ”T shirts store”♪

Opening Reception : June 15th. 6PM-8PM

The Members
・Hide yuki Kubo
・Hiro Katayama
・Hisami Taniguchi
・Nami Mochizuki
・Satoru Kikuchi
・Yusuke Ochiai
・Nobuyuki Narita (photographer)

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